*upper middle class fucker voice* But you have [one nice thing] so how are you poor 




I was at the zoo the other day and there was this fucking goose trying to act likE A FUCKING FLAMINGO

this made my day its so adorable


I’ve never related to anything more

just some more pics from the shrektech experience

So I know I haven’t said much on here about where I’ve been this past month, but I was kind of saving it until I had some wonderful pictures to go along with it. Last second I was approached for a friend to come and join the tech crew at the largest community theatre in Indianapolis and of course, having always wanted to get into theatre and never even knowing where to start I accepted. Because I have an extreme issue with anxiety I was incredibly concerned because when I get set off into attacks its..not pretty to say the least. My first day I actually had one of the worst attacks of my life. I got so sick, I couldn’t breathe, I was crying on the bathroom floor. Thank god this was rehersal and not an actual show. I thought I may have to go to the hospital, and I was in such a state I couldn’t even call for help. After laying on the bathroom floor for a while I finally calmed down enough to go back and try again. I worried every single day that I would get set off again, because I didn’t want to. I loved it there from day one, but as I have learned in the past just because I love something doesn’t mean my condition won’t push me out of it. For once I managed to press on, but I was still awkward and scared to talk to much of anyone in anyway but on our headsets until the last couple days. In those days I managed to bond with the cast and crew so much that I was finally invited to join the circle before the show where I was pushed into the middle by my friend who thanked me for my spotlight work and everyone began gushing and complimenting me on my work, not believing it was my first time, or that I was now working without the script because I had the show memorized, or telling me how skillful I was on the lights during a particularly tricky scene (Somethin goin on around here) These are just a few of the pictures I managed to nab, not to brag or show off as much as to keep as a reminder that for once in my life I overcame my own mind, I felt safe and comfortable, welcome and happy, and that this isn’t some dream. I have these pictures as proof to me and maybe to others that there is something out there that will be so strong and resonating in you that you too can overcome your issues and fears, no matter how much it feels like they’ll tear you down. I will be going back to this theatre, I will be working tech, and, if my body allows, and it damn well better, I /WILL/ be auditioning for Hairspray in December and for Chicago later that year. This feels like the start of something. I hope I’m right. 


많이 아팠어 자신을 버린뒤였어
자신감을 잃고 세상에 등을 보였네

아름다움은 그녀를 떠난듯 했고
희망을 잃고 세상과 이별하려 할 때

No Prison 
눈을 크게 떠 너의 자유는 나잖아
내 생에 First time 함께 눈 감을
My lover lover 너 
Your freedom freedom 나
결코 아파 하지마 
자 거봐 날 보고 웃잖아 uh

자꾸만 말라간 그녀의 웃음소리에
눈물이 고여가 미안해 등을 보였네

아름다움은 잊은지 오래 됐고
거울은 이미 그녀의 손을 떠났네 

No Prison 
눈을 크게 떠 너의 자유는 나잖아
내 생에 First time 함께 눈 감을
My lover lover 너 
Your freedom freedom 나
결코 아파 하지마 
자 거봐 날 보고 웃어

그 누가 날 미쳤데도 
보이는게 전부는 아냐 
이대로 아름다운 너 

Just being my self without you
That never pays to any pain
But you see pain makes more 
what I can belive
My life is you

No more pride 필요없잖아 
니옆엔 내가 있잖아
모든걸 감싸줄 함께 눈감을 너
My lover lover 너 
Your freedom freedom 나
결코 아파 하지마 
자 날봐 널보고 웃잖아

니 곁에 있어

My lover lover 너 
Your freedom freedom 나
결코 아파 하지마 
자 날봐 널 보고 웃어
Every day

I cant speak korean, but google works kind of fine… :D it is sooo sweet




this breaks my fucking heart

“Why do you need feminism?”

Why I need a justice system that will actually look at me and not say ‘I deserved to be beaten, raped, or thrown acid on’ but say, ‘This was not right and we are going to put them behind bars with no chance of getting out in their current or next life.’